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关于会议 About the conference




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委员会 committees

大会主席:谭建荣 浙江大学

执行主席:高  峰  上海交通大学


谢友柏  上海交通大学  

尤  政  清华大学

邓宗全  哈尔滨工业大学

丁洪生  北京理工大学

段广洪  清华大学

付  铁  北京理工大学

葛培琪  山东大学

顾佩华  汕头大学  

韩  旭  河北工业大学

洪  军  西安交通大学

黄  田  天津大学  

姜  潮  湖南大学

Jack Hu  University of Michigan

Jian S Dai  King’s College London

赖一楠  国家自然科学基金委员会

刘  更  西北工业大学

刘  辉  北京理工大学

刘向锋  清华大学

刘志峰  合肥工业大学

Moshe Shpitalni  Technion-Israel Inst.

Nam P. Suh MIT

Paul Maropoulos  Aston University

秦大同  重庆大学

Rainer Stark  TU Berlin    

孙  伟  大连理工大学

Sami Kara  Univ. of New South Wales

Stephen Lu Univ. of Southern California

Tetsuo Tomiyama Cranfield Univ.

檀润华  河北工业大学

Wei Chen Northwestern Univ.

王晓俊  中国工程院

王树新  天津大学

王文中  北京理工大学

巫世晶  武汉大学

Xiongping Du  Missouri Univ. of Sci&Tech.

奚  鹰  同济大学

肖人彬  华中科技大学

谢里阳  东北大学

辛向阳  江南大学

Yoram Koren  Univ. of Michigan

姚振强  上海交通大学

殷国富  四川大学

于靖军  北京航空航天大学

Zhong You  Oxford University

张宪民  华南理工大学

张彦敏  中国机械工程学会

张义民  沈阳化工大学

周仲荣  西南交通大学                

朱如鹏  南京航空航天大学

朱才朝  重庆大学


主席项昌乐  北京理工大学

委员:丁希仑  北京航空航天大学      

            胡纪滨  北京理工大学

            郭为忠  上海交通大学


会议时间地点 Time and place



会议议题 Conference Theme

Mechanical Design in Made in China 2025

Design Methodology

Industrial Design

Sustainable Design/Green Design

Intelligence Design


Design Tools / Platform and Applications

Internet Plus Mechanical Design

Mechanism and Machine Composition Principle

Kinematics and Dynamics

Experimental method in mechanisms

Robot and Mechanics

Design of Micro/nano Mechanisms and Machines

Design of Machine Tools

Design of Construction Machinery

Vehicle Mechanisms, Dynamics and Design

Mechanical Structure and Systems Dynamics

Engineering Tribology and Tribology Design

Design of Mechanical Friction, Abrasion

Reliable Design

本次会议同期还将举办 Advanced Design Concepts and Practice (ADCP2017) Special Track,具体见:http://www.adcp2012.com/Page_43ADCP2017.html

会议日程 Schedule



Open Ceremony

Plenary session


Sessions 1: Mechanical Design

Sessions 2: Mechanism and robot

Sessions 3: Actuation and transmission

Sessions 4: Strength and stress

Sessions 5: Industrial Design



Plenary session



Sessions 1: Mechanical Design

Sessions 2: Mechanism and robot

Sessions 3: Actuation and transmission

Sessions 6: Tribology and surface

ADCP Special track


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USD 225/RMB 1500

USD 300/RMB 2000



USD 120/RMB 800

USD 180/RMB 1200










Speaker 1Sunil K. Agrawal,

Columbia University

Sunil K. Agrawal received a Ph.D.degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1990. He is currently a Professor and Director of Robotics and Rehabilitation (ROAR) Laboratory at Columbia University, located both in engineering and medical campuses of Columbia University. He has published close to 450 journal and conference papers. Dr. Agrawal is a Fellow of the ASME and AIMBE. His honors include a NSF Presidential Faculty Fellowship from the White House in 1994, a Bessel Prize from Germany in 2003, and a Humboldt US Senior Scientist Award in 2007. He is a recipient of 2016 Machine Design Award from ASME for “seminal contributions to design of robotic exoskeletons for gait training of stroke patients” and 2016 Mechanisms and Robotics Award from the ASME for “cumulative contributions and being an international leading figure in mechanical design and robotics”. He is a recipient of several Best Paper awards in ASME and IEEE sponsored robotics conferences. He has held positions of a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Hanyang University in Korea, a Professor of Robotics at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, and a Visiting Professor at the Biorobotics Institute of SSSA in Pisa. He actively serves on editorial boards of conferences and journals published by the ASME, IEEE, and other professional societies.

Speaker 2:Clément Gosselin,

Laval University

He is currently holding a Canada Research Chair in Robotics and Mechatronics since January 2001. He was a visiting researcher at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany in 1995, at the University of Victoria, Canada in 1996 and at the IRCCyN in Nantes, France in 1999.

His research interests are kinematics, dynamics and control of robotic mechanical systems with a particular emphasis on the mechanics of grasping, the kinematics and dynamics of parallel manipulators and the development of human-friendly robots. His work in the aforementioned areas has been the subject of numerous publications in international journals and conferences as well as of several patents and two books. He has been directing many research initiatives, including collaborations with several Canadian and foreign high-technology companies and he has trained more than 100 graduate students. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters and of the ASME Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics.

Dr. Gosselin received several awards including the ASME DED Mech-anisms and Robotics Committee Award in 2008 and the ASME Machine Design Award in 2013. He was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada in 2010 for contributions to research in parallel mechanisms and underactuated systems. He is a fellow of the ASME, of the IEEE and of the Royal Society of Canada.




Speaker 3:Tetsuo Tomiyama,

Carafield University

Professor Tomiyama’s research activities cover a variety of research topics in engineering design, life cycle engineering, and through-life engineering. He is an internationally well-known expert in design theory and methodology, function modelling, systems architecting, maintenance engineering and service engineering. His capability of exploring a new multi-disciplinary area and solving cross-disciplinary problems is best demonstrated by his pioneering work in intelligent CAD, self-maintenance machines, life cycle simulation, and service CAD. Professor Tomiyama applies systems thinking and process focus to, for instance, the product development process of multi-disciplinary complex systems.

As a Royal Society-Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder, Professor Tomiyama runs a project titled 'High Fidelity Life Cycle Simulation for Design for Sustainability' which aims to develop a life cycle simulator based on high-fidelity product life cycle models. The simulator will compute environmental impacts and economic performances of life cycles of a fleet of products, taking into consideration product architecture, reliability parameters of components, their failure modes, operational conditions, technology advances and economic factors (such as competition). This simulation enhances planning and optimisation capabilities of companies that offer through-life services. He also has a project on 'Feasibility of Collaborative Autonomous Robotics for Maintenance' funded through the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Through-life Engineering Services. This will investigate theoretical feasibilities of introducing collaborative autonomous robots to the maintenance of high-valued products.


Speaker 4:Michel Van Tooren,

University of South Carolina

Director of Aerospace Studies, Mechanical Engineering Department

Professor Michel van Tooren obtained his PhD at Delft University on Composite Fuselage Design in 1998. After positions as researcher and assistant professor at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, he became full professor Systems Integration Aircraft in 2002. In 2010 he accepted a job in industry as manager New Concept Development at Fokker Aerostructures BV. He combineed this with a part-time appointment as professor Systems Integration Aircraft at the section Flight Performance and Propulsion of the Delft University of Technology. In addition he is member of the scientific board of the NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Laboratories), member of the Technical Committee Multi-disciplinary Design and Optimization, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Prof. Michel van Tooren currently holds the position of professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing of University of South Carolina, USA. Dr. Van Tooren's research interest include Design Automation, Knowledge Based Engineering, Alternative aircraft concepts, Composite aircraft fuselages, Aircraft Certification, Systems Engineering and Road vehicle aerodynamics.


Speaker 5:Humayun rashid,

Chair of the Technology & Innovation Committee

for American Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Hugh is a practitioner-scholar with over 25 years of experience working and consulting with global organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. Over the last10 years he has also taught MBA courses on Technology Management, Business Innovation, Entrepreneurship,Design Thinking,Cross-Culture Management and International Marketing at various universities including University of Southern California(USC), Wuhan University, Chongqing University,Beijing Normal University, Peking University and Fudan University.For 20 years, he has been the managing partner of Xavor Corporation(Irvine, California based tech firm that he founded), which provides IT-enabled business solutions to corporate clients in industries such as High-Tech, Medical Device, Retail and Manufacturing. Currently he is also the Chair of the Technology & Innovation committee for American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and organizes expert panel events and idea exchange activities by bringing together technology and business executives together around the theme of“Digital Transformation of traditional industries and businesses”. He has a BBA from University of Texas Austin(USA), Executive MBA from University of California at Irvine(California) and Doctorate in Management from Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio(USA). He is passionate about fighting extreme poverty through innovative entrepreneurial micro-ventures working. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling to remote regions of the world and cruising the ocean in his Yacht.

Speaker 6:Jianrong Tan,

Zhejiang University

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Full Prof of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

He received the M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, , and Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Zhejiang University. He is currently a full Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Zhejiang University. He is the vice chairman of Mechanical Engineering Society of China. His current research interests include theory of mechanical design, digital design and manufacturing, and CAD&CG. He has published 8 books and authored or coauthored over 142 papers and invited presentations in international conferences and symposia. He has received the 2nd prize of national award for science and technology progress of China four times (2005, 2007, 2011 and 2012). He has awarded the 1st prize scientific and technological progress of Zhejiang provincial seven times.


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